Wide field optical tomography

We are pioneering wide-field optical tomography based on time-resolved patterned illumination for preclinical studies. Such innovative approach allows to acquire dense spatial and temporal tomographic data-sets over the animal whole-body at unprecedented acquisition speeds ( <10min from neck to tail, full temporal data). In our instrumental approach, we have implemented a wide-field excitation scheme based on micromirror technology to generate time-resolved illumination patterns. This new approach offers numerous advantages compared to current excitation scheme: i) exceptionally fast acquisition of spatially dense tomographic information over large volumes; ii) injection of a greater number of photons into the overall tissue leading to measurements in transmittance with higher SNR, especially in fluorescence applications (greater sensitivity to minute fluorophore concentrations) and iii) higher number of useful detector measurements for pattern due to spatially extended sources; iv) faster reconstructions (forward calculation and inversion) through the use of smaller weight matrices (owing to lower number of sources being used). Wide-field optical tomography allows for quantitative functional imaging and lifetime multiplexing studies.

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Graphic of Wide field optical tomography
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