Lab Openings

Open Positions

We are looking for candidates with experience and interests at the intersection of molecular optical imaging, drug delivery assessment and artificial intelligence to work on NIH/NIC funded projects monitoring in vivo drug-target engagement using macroscopic fluorescence lifetime imaging (more information and position posting can be found here (link to PDF with hiring information)).

The Functional & Molecular Imaging Laboratory is open to graduate and undergraduate student researchers interested in working on experimental and/or computational modeling work related to the use of optical techniques for preclinical imaging or fNIRS.

To Apply

If you are interested in working in the Intes Lab as a graduate or undergraduate research assistant, please write a short (i.e., no more than one page) research statement identifying:

  1. the research topic of interest
  2. the research question(s) you would like to address (please be as specific as possible)
  3. what you would like to get out of the research experience
  4. your plans after you complete your current degree program

and send to Professor Intes at

For undergraduate students, please include a copy of your unofficial transcript.

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